Why You Should Invest in a K9 Tested Smell Proof Bag

Posted on 08 July 2022

We all know how "loud" herb can instantly let everyone in a room know you're packing the fire. The strong odors released by top shelf herb strains can be a real problem. And despite legalization in numerous states, an American is still arrested for possession of herb every 90 seconds.


Don't become another statistic. Avoid illegal search and seizure by keeping your stash stored properly & discreetly. If you want to travel safely with your herb, you should know about the best odor solutions on the market.


Keep reading to learn more about the many reasons why you should utilize a smell proof bag to carry your stash. Most importantly, find out which brand stands above all the rest.


Peace of Mind: Activated Carbon Lining

You may not be wholly convinced of the need for odor proof bags yet. Keep in mind that herb remains federally illegal, not to mention the stigma surrounding the use of herb. Many people still look down on those who reek like herb, as unfair or unjust as it may seem. 

Worst of all, knowingly or unknowingly crossing state lines with herb can get you detained and/or arrested. Airport travel is another danger zone, even for the seasoned vacationer.


The recent cautionary tale of WNBA star Brittney Griner shows the importance using activated carbon for odor control. Don't get detained by the authorities for smelling like herb or traveling with odor oozing vape cartridges. Use the ONLY K-9 tested & proven carbon bags available on the market. 


The Many Benefits of Smell Proof Bags 

Even if you never leave your home state where herb is legal, odor proof bags still make sense. They provide peace of mind that multiple plastic bags and even vacuum sealing simply cannot.

Don't blow up the spot when visiting friends or dropping by the in-laws'. Stop driving around in a car that reeks and prevent your office from smelling like your favorite herb. If your kids are getting curious about the stank, put a stop to that as well. 

If you're a chronic smoker, you may no longer even notice the strong scents coming from your pocket, car, purse, apartment, etc. But rest assured your boss does, and your nosey neighbors do too. Give them one less thing to talk about with odor proof storage provided by Abscent odorless bags


420 Smell Proof Bags for any Smoker

The cannabis community uses many different kinds of containers, from plastic bags to pop-top bottles, to glass jars in every shape and size. None of them are as effective or as safe as an Abscent bag.

Plastic bags can damage your herb and do very little to block odor. Glass definitely looks nice but exposes your cannabis to light. Believe it or not, glass is often porous as result of poor production processes and the lids generally do not seal well enough to prevent odor from escaping.

Needless to say, savvy smokers have come to rely on activated carbon-lined bags from Abscent as the gold standard for cannabis odor suppression. Let's take a closer look at why.


Giving the Gift of Smell Proof

Smell Proof bags make the perfect gift for anyone that loves trees. And whether you approve of their use or not, you will never have to smell the ripe odor again!

For dispensary staff, medicinal & recreational patrons who transport cannabis on a regular basis, top-tier smell proof technology is vital. More than just an accessory, smell proof bags that protect your herb are an investment.

Make sure you spend your money wisely, choose from one of Abscent's many styles designed to suit any lifestyle.


Reasons to Avoid other Smell Proof Bags on Amazon

You may have already purchased and mostly likely returned one of the many "Odor Proof" bags available on Amazon. There are numerous companies claiming that their products are Smell Proof & K9 tested, but none of them can provide proof. Abscent makes the ONLY truly Smell Proof bags on the market backed by independent testing (see @Blazeorbust on instagram). We have achieved this by utilizing our proprietary activated carbon felt, handmaking all of our products in our own facility, and paying close attention to every detail throughout production. 

Unless your bag is an Abscent bag, it simply is NOT Smell Proof. We are the leaders in Smell Proof Bag Technology with over a decade invested into honing our craft. Founded in 2010, Abscent was born in San Diego, CA and we are proud to be the Original Smell Proof Bag brand 

We manufacture a bag for everyone. From smell proof backpacks, fanny packs, and Murses, to Gym Bags, Carry-on bags, and Giant duffle bags, we have your odors covered. We also produce handmade leather goods as well as military spec ballistic goods. All of our bags are made to blend into your surroundings with discreet branding & a simple clean aesthetic. 

We also offer a complete line of in-home odor absorbing accessories. Our odor eliminating pouches can be placed inside your shoes, boxing gloves, gym bags, cars, closets, etc. to absorb pesky lingering odors. Made from natural bamboo charcoal, the pouch is safe to keep around pets and children. Throw out the plugin air fresheners and start deodorizing the natural way. 

 Man wearing a smell proof bag that is a backpack in downtown San Diego.

Moving Weight: Get a Smell Proof Duffle Bag

From "The Banker" pouch to their rugged and reliable Duffle bags, Abscent has a smell proof bag suitable for everyone. If you want the confidence to transport your product anywhere, one brand stands above all the rest.

Abscent bags have the highest quality Activated Carbon lining on the market. Numerous copycat companies make their bags using carbon paper, which is extremely porous and does basically nothing to control odor. Abscent's proprietary activated carbon felt is the result of over a decade of testing various concentrations and thicknesses in order to determine what works the best for absorbing the odor emitted by herb.  

Numerous Brands have made bold claims that their products are "Smell Proof", but not a single one has passed K9 testing performed by @Blazeorbust. Abscent manufactures the ONLY smell proof bags on the market to have Passed K9 testing.

Another small but very important detail that sets Abscent apart from the pseudo competition is they DO NOT put any overt branding on the exterior of their bags. Abscent DOES NOT embroider, silk screen, or sew patches onto their products that display the abscent logo. Abscent bags are designed to blend in and effectively hide in plain sight. Abscent bags are designed to keep the "LOUD" inside as opposed to being loud & flashy on the outside.

Check out the entire line of smell proof travel gear for you, your friends & family. Abscent doesn't sell just bags, they sell peace of mind.


Transport Goodies Without the Worries

Nobody tests smell proof herb bags as extensively as Blaze or Bust on Youtube. His dogs have tested nearly every brand of odor proof bags on the market.

Popular Brands such as cookies, dime Bags, skunk bags, revelry bags have all FAILED K9 testing. Abscent's activated carbon bags are the ONLY smell proof bags to consistently and reliably defeat K9's. Why spend your hard earned money on a bag that you know is not truly "Smell Proof", the choice is clear, Abscent or nothing.

If you are looking for a smell proof bag to properly store & protect your herb, vape cartridges, concentrates, and edibles, Abscent is the best option.


You Deserve the Best Smell Proof Bags on the Market

We all love to visit our local dispensary and purchase top shelf products, make sure to invest in a bag that can safely and discreetly stash your goodies while you're on the road or even at home. Abscent offers a variety of different lockable bags to keep young children, pets, and even friends out of your stash. 

Be prepared & never travel with Unprotected Scent. Choose the only K9 tested & passed line of bags available on the market.

Check out the Best Smell Proof bags on earth at Abscent now!

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