About Abscent

At Abscent our mission is simple - provide our customers with the Best Smell Proof Bags available on the market, bar none.

Concealing "loud" odors is our bread & butter, which is why every odor proof bag we manufacture contains multiple layers of activated carbon, waterproof zippers and water resistant fabrics to ensure each one is Smell Proof.

Abscent stash bags are designed to be extremely durable. All of our products are handmade, sewn exclusively with Nylon thread, & maintain an industry standard of 7-8 stitches per inch. We source all of our high quality Nylon & Polyester fabrics here in United States. Our odorless bags are subjected to multiple levels of testing to make sure that unwanted odors are effectively trapped inside the bag no matter the conditions. 

We are the ONLY smell proof bag manufacturer to Pass K-9 testing by @BlazeorBust 

Abscent Bags are designed in San Diego, California and made by hand in North America.  

- Quality is the best business plan -


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